An Unexpected Reunion
Copic Markers; 9 X 12 inches; Summer 2007

Characters: Apollo and Starbuck

I did an AU version of a fanfic.
*L* How nerdy am I. The idea is in the fanfic

Apollo is basically made into a Lord of Kobol but really it's not as religious as it sounds, it's just really advanced people, called the Dyss. And now, Apollo's not gonna die anytime soon, among other things.
Well I found it ironic that in the unwritten script for Galactica 1980, Starbuck was meant to join the beings of light, who are the antagonists of the Dyss (not as any real plot point int the fic, except as background).

So, I thought it would be funny if Starbuck popped up thousands of yarens later as a Being of Light, much to the surprise of Apollo and annoyance of Stannor. Plus, Starbuck makes a really cute Being of Light IMHO.