Reason for the site
Because my Battlestar Galactica art was beginning to over run the section of my site that was suppossed to be more for my none fanart, and all of a sudden, fanart was taking it over. So either it didn't go on the website at all, or it got it's own website.

Also you know . . I've really come to love this series in the last year as well as the fandom, so this site is my contribution.

For all the love of the gods above people hotlinking=stealing the bandwdith I pay for just don't do it!

2. All art may be used for icons without asking, I truely don't mind. Credit is fine and makes me happy inside, but it's not requred.

3. Reposting my art without crediting me is prohibited. C'mon people, it takes time to do this, and material. If you like a pcitrue enough to show it off, credit me for my work, yeah?
And yes this means forums too -_-

4. The articles can be used for icons/wallpapers/banners/showing off/whatever without asking. I don't mind on a limited bases. if you make an entire gallery with *all or most of* my stuff I might be a bit irked as I'm only posting that which I personally own as oppossed ot that which I took off the net.

And that's it. Simple right.

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